Headers Cut Off and Scrunched

Level 1

Headers Cut Off and Scrunched

I'm creating a newsletter and the header of each section and some of the text seems to be cut off when I send a sample to myself, as if the white space in different modules are overlapping to cover part of the text and some that aren't cut off look scrunched. Everything looks fine while editing and in preview mode, but when it comes through in my email, almost every header is messed up. Can someone please advise?

Katie Page
Level 10 - Champion

Re: Headers Cut Off and Scrunched

Hi Katie,

This will be a client display issue with your html. In order to help, we'll need you to provide the HTML for the email (highlighted using the syntax editor) and for you to tell us what email client you're using, on what device or browser (e.g., Outlook 2016 desktop app on PC, Gmail app on iPhone 8, etc). Ideally if you can also provide screenshots of how it should look vs how it does look.

Obligatory side note: email is complicated, you'll find an email can display very differently across a range of devices/browsers/email clients, and if you're not testing on a wide range of them, or using a testing tool, it's incredibly easy to send broken emails without realising it. If you're having consistent issues in this space it may be worth looking at a tool to help you test your emails - like email on acid or litmus.