Have you implemented a data quality process?

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Have you implemented a data quality process?


Do you have a data quality process for your Marketo DB? Is it systematic or one-off? Do you apply it before any leads enter system or when they are in system? What type of routines do you have? Junk filter? Duplicate eraser? Field standardization? Field auto-populing?

Cécile @ Talend
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Re: Have you implemented a data quality process?

I've tried to follow a data quality routines but find it very difficult to stick to consistently because other seemingly higher priority tasks take over instead. So I end up dealing with data quality issues only when it really becomes a problem.

I'd love to hear some success stories/strategies!
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Re: Have you implemented a data quality process?

I'd consider a multi-pronged, systemic/automated approach rather than manual checks:

  • Prevent bad data from entering - this is the best method!
    • Apply form validation rules to exclude unwanted domains
    • Use "select" field types on forms whenever possible
    • Have a list import template and checklist to ensure necessary fields are included and cleanup steps are completed beforehand
  • Have new records upon creation run through any necessary cleanup processing that can't be addressed at the source
    • Country value standardization campaigns if different source systems can't modify the format of the names to align
  • Clean up legacy data after you've implemented above

I just posted a blog Data Quality in Marketo Engage which shares some more tips!



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