GoTo Adapter & keeping certain leads out

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GoTo Adapter & keeping certain leads out

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We have a quarterly webinar that we run in where our clients can invite their clients to attend.
We do not want our client's clients information to clutter up our CRM/Marketo database.
Suggestions on how to keep them out since we are using the GoTo adapter?

Should we just not sync this quarterly webinar?

Or are there ways to use the adapter and allow the client's clients to attend and then have Marketo kick those data out after a certain amount of time?

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Re: GoTo Adapter & keeping certain leads out

Could you use the adapter so that you retain its benefits, but create the sync for this quarterly webinar in SFDC (not Marketo), and then only sync over data for people who exist within SFDC? I'd do this using a smart campaign where the smart list looks for something like SFDC Type is not empty, and then the flow would be to sync to the campaign that you've set in SFDC (just be sure to make it active).

You could then segment out anyone who isn't in SFDC, and manually delete them after a certain amount of time.