Friday Five Recommended Reading, Events and more

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Friday Five Recommended Reading, Events and more


Here's what's happening in the Nation!

  • Earlier this week, we sent out our customer newsletter. It featured information on the new Marketo Calendar and the new Look n Feel of the product.
  • We also shared our new Marketo Learning Passport program. It is still in beta, so please keep letting us know how we can improve it! (We will open up some new courses shortly).
  • We also provided you with a list of 10 recommended books you might want to bring to the beach with you this summer.
  • And next Thursday (7/31) at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EST, we will be having a Google Hangout event -- and Steven Moody, one of our fearless Champions, will interview Peter Shankman about his biggest Marketing Mistakes. Shankman is a well know entrepreneur, marketing evangilist and blogger. Sign up here                              
....and as some of you know, we are working on improving our Community platform, so please send us your suggestions and ideas. Leave a note here or post them in the Ideas section.

OK, That's the Friday Five ....

We hope to see you at the Google Hangout next week. Reminder: It is next Thursday (7/31) at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EST. The topic is the biggest Marketing Mistakes. You can sign up here Google Hangout.                             

Unfortunately, you need to have a Google account to attend the Hangout. In the future, we will make these sorts of events more accessible.

Happy Friday.. 
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Re: Friday Five Recommended Reading, Events and more

Can't wait for today's release! It'll be a bit of a shock on Monday morning, but I'm ready for it!