filters / transition rules (stream)

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filters / transition rules (stream)


I'm trying in my stream to edit transition rules and "Add Constraint" on

my "member of engagement program".

However, this filter is blocked. Meaning, I can not scroll down any lines.

And I can't delete this filter.

Do you perhaps know why ?

Thank you very much,



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Re: filters / transition rules (stream)

That filter is added by default and cannot be removed. It is used to only target the people in the current stream.

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Re: filters / transition rules (stream)

Thank you Jim.

I'm sorry but I have an other question :s

I'm trying to establish some filters for the transition rules between my streams .

I want when my first email is being shoot, that :

- if they open it : the second email is being sent

- if not : an other version of the first email (with a different object) is sent

So, in the filters, I went to marketing --> send an email

In that filter, I filled the blank with my first email.

I create an other "send an email" filter where I "add a choice" and put :

IF : email is opened --> is --> my first email

EMAIL : second one


Same with the last filter. I created an other "send an email" filter.

With for my first (and only) choice :

IF : Not opened email --> is --> my first email

EMAIL : my second version of the first email


It is not working, however, its seems like this is the right way to do it.

And sometimes, when I "test the stream" with my email address, it do not work. Nothing is being sent. It is normal ?

Here is a screenshot of my filters (i'm sorry, it's in french but everything is translated in my message).


I'm very grateful for your help.


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Re: filters / transition rules (stream)

There are a couple of ways that you can do this. Here are two simple solutions that come to mind-

1. Have another Stream and set the Transition Rule to have a trigger of Opens Email (in the Smart List section of the Transition Rule). Then add the second email asset to this new stream.

2. Have a campaign outside of the Engagement Program, with the Smart List filters of both Member of Engagement Program and Was Sent Email. And the Flow would be Send Email as you have noted:

Choice 1

IF : Email is Opened --> is --> my first email

EMAIL : Email 2

CHOICE BY DEFAULT: Email 3 (same as Email 1 with different subject)

The first option would be ideal if you plan to expand on the email nurturing, meaning you'd send out additional relevant content. Whereas the second option might be better suited for a one-off email send campaign.

Hope this helps.