Filled out Form - Reporting issue - please help

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Filled out Form - Reporting issue - please help

Good afternoon,

I am struggling with a Form (Registration to an event)  that I embedded in my email.

Not all of the registrations appear and I do not understand why...

I have no constraints in place in me "filled out form" smartlist and it should be showing me everyone who filled out the form but I know for a fact that already 2 registrants are missing from the list.

Can you please help?

Could it have something to do with the fact that they used Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome?

I need to send this invite asap.

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,


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Re: Filled out Form - Reporting issue - please help

A little confused here... you've embedded the form into your email? This is definitely not a good idea from a best-practices perspective.

As far as where the form was filled out, it won't matter the browser that someone used for the submission. Is the only filter in your smart list "filled out form"? Or are there other constraints that might be limiting the results of your smart list?

If you post screenshots this will likely be easier to figure out.

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Re: Filled out Form - Reporting issue - please help

Are you able to tell if the forms actually submitted? I'd check the two missing registrants' activity history to make sure they properly submitted the form (and there weren't any errors).

There is some various history regarding Marketo Forms 2.0 and Internet Explorer, but I haven't heard of the forms not submitting before (usually it's just a rendering issue).