Feedback on Marketo Training for certification

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Feedback on Marketo Training for certification

Hi all,

I am collecting some feedback on Marketo´s learning path to forward to Marketo and would like to know if you have any to share.

From my point of view the learning paths seem quite nice, however there is a lot of information and sometimes it is difficult to understand what really is necessary for the exam (especially when you read old questions).

Any feedbacks would be appreciated


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Re: Feedback on Marketo Training for certification

Hi Natascia,

The learning path is useful but as you said, it can be difficult to really pinpoint what's required to know and understand for the exam. From my point of view, the best way to get ready for the exam is to consolidate all the sample questions you can find online, answer them then study based on what you got wrong. It's more efficient than starting from the very beginning especially if you already have a good knowledge of Marketo and it will give you the confidence that you need to take the test.

I particularly liked this practice exam with its 168 questions. It tells you when you miss so you know what to look at to improve your chances of success in the real test. The way the questions are asked is also quite similar to the real test.

I also liked this study guide:

Best of luck 🙂