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Fearless Forum 07

Welcome back to Marketo's bi-monthly customer newsletter, the Fearless Forum!

Back in February, we asked you to comment on the sixth edition with the questions you have for Marketo and the topics you want to hear about.

This month we'll be covering the following topics chosen by you:

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Re: Fearless Forum 07

Steve's points at the keynote about B2E being what we need to move towards really struck a note of relevance for me - as someone who's never worked in a business that's truly exclusively B2B or B2C, it's important. And totally agree with Sarah's note on talking about the metrics that really matter to the business - knowing what those are and having clear oversight as to not just what they look like but how we're impacting them is how we keep Marketing in the boardroom.

I'd love to see a deeper dive into some of the product announcements next time (or as soon as feasible) so that we can ask questions about some of the functionality and see more real-world impact detail.

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Re: Fearless Forum 07

Good summary. Product announcements and roadmap are always interesting to hear about.

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Re: Fearless Forum 07

ABE (Account Based Experiences) is very true. There needs to be consistency in delivering valuable experiences to all users/consumers within an account. 

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Re: Fearless Forum 07

Love hearing about the latest and greatest coming from Marketo!

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Re: Fearless Forum 07

I always love hearing about the latest things coming from Marketo! So excited about ABE.