Facebook Offline Conversions

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Facebook Offline Conversions

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out how facebook offline conversions work. It worked perfectly when we ran lead ads and it fed into marketo directly.

However when we have click campaigns, web conversion campaigns which required them to go to our website/typeform and then they will be synced to Marketo, we don't get those offline conversions being synced back to facebook.

Can some one shed a light? Perhaps Marketo couldn't determine that they were from Facebook?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Facebook Offline Conversions

Hello Andrew, are you trying to send Offline Conversion back into Facebook from Leads that originated from Lead Ads only?  Only a small portion of our Leads come through Lead Ads.  However, we are trying to push all Offline Conversions back into Facebook hoping that they'd match on email address or phone number.  I think that the Facebook Offline Conversions only works for Lead records with the Facebook ID.

I just posted a related question.  Let me know if you found your answer some other place.

Facebook Offline Conversion Matching