Facebook Lead Ad UTMs

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Facebook Lead Ad UTMs

Just hooked up our Facebook Lead Ad integration, and when the lead is created it carries over a ton of great information - how do i get this information to populate into our other UTM fields on the person record?

FB InfoLead info
Lead Ad Group Name:Adgroup-1
Lead Ad Campaign Name:EMEA-Prospects
Lead Ad Set Name:example
Lead Ad Name:example
Lead Ad Form Name:example
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Re: Facebook Lead Ad UTMs

Hey Amy,

Bad News - It is not possible in the most intuitive way with features Marketo offers currently. By this, I mean that the information is not available in the Launchpoint connector to map to Person fields as you've mentioned.


As a workaround, I used the information available at a trigger level and created 1 smart campaign for each UTM/Ad set/Ad Name/Campaign Name combination. Fortunately, we did not have many so it was manageable but I can imagine how fast it can become the most unreasonable way to do things on Marketo. See the screenshot for a visual explanation.

Link to Screenshot