Re: Exclude content from RTP discovery?

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Exclude content from RTP discovery?

Hi community

We are just kicking off with RTP, and I'm wondering whether there is any way to exclude specific content from discovery? We have three distinct business units, and are only utilising Marketo for just one of them. Unfortunately, the other two business units have a massive amount of content which is constantly changing/being updated on the website, and it's creating a lot of 'noise' that we don't need to see.

I've not found anything in the docs for this, and I"m not sure if it's possible - has anybody done this/attempted it in the past?

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Re: Exclude content from RTP discovery?

Hi Diana - my understanding is that post content discovery you can unapprove content for predictive content, so it no longer is accessible to the predictive content engine and disappears from the content page.

Unapprove a Title for Predictive Content - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

So everything is discovered, but you can manually tell Predictive Content what to ignore.

Is that what you're looking for?

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Re: Exclude content from RTP discovery?

Thanks Veronica!

I had found that function but was hoping for something similar to the URL patterns used for discovery, but for exclusion rather than inclusion. I've now got nearly 500 pieces of content, most of which are property listings for residential (Marketo and RTP is commercial property only) - it's going to be a very big job to 'undiscover' them, and I'll need to do it continually as new residential listings are constantly being added to the website. The added frustration is that it often isn't entirely clear what the content acutally is, as the way they've been named by the teams is very inconsistent - I have videos called '80 Wardstay Road', and videos called '216650963' - I have to view each piece of content before I can confidently remove it.

In an ideal world, I'd be able to exclude anything with a URL preceded by /residential/ or /rural/ - I think it may be a manual process for now!

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Re: Exclude content from RTP discovery?

Use the search box in Predictive content TAB for this purpose. If you use search by specific pattern like /residential/ or /rural/  then it will show you only the assets/content which has this pattern in the URL and then you can select all and unapprove these content pieces in the one go.

I think this is the only way to un-approve multiple content pieces from showing up as predictive content.