Enrichment / Predictive Platform

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Enrichment / Predictive Platform

Whatever they call themselves, they are similar in functionality... I am evaluating tools/platforms to integrate with SFDC/Marketo and:

  1. Enrich existing
  2. Enrich incoming
  3. Discover net new

I have looked at:

  1. Leadspace
  2. DiscoverOrg
  3. Social123
  4. NetProspex
  5. RainKing
  6. Unomy

I am looking for information from people who have used or evaluated these and have opinions for or against. Anything positive or negative will help me evaluate and decide.

Things I have to consider:

  1. Global datasets
  2. Scalable
  3. Integration with SFDC/Marketo is solid, no bugs

Please provide any feedback you have. Thanks!

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Re: Enrichment / Predictive Platform

You should take a look at RingLead, they are a really popular option for many Marketo Customers

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Re: Enrichment / Predictive Platform

Hi Debbie, I think our social media demand generation tool might be able to help you here since we do all of those things! Feel free to check it out for yourself on Marketo Launchpoint site and I’d be happy to answer any subsequent questions as well at kat@socedo.com. Good luck finding a platform that’s perfect for your company! http://launchpoint.marketo.com/socedo-inc/1569-socedo/

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Re: Enrichment / Predictive Platform

Hi Debbie,

We're in pursuit of similar software. What solution did you end up going with?