Engagement Program Wait Step (Pause, Wait X Days, Unpause)

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Engagement Program Wait Step (Pause, Wait X Days, Unpause)

I have an engagement program set to cast daily (Sun-Thu), because I want people to enter the program regularly, but at specifically optimized send times. My initial engagement campaigns is set to send emails every other day, so I set it up like this:

  1. (Cast 1) Program: Send Email 1
  2. (Cast 2) Program: Wait Step 1: Wait 1 minute
  3. (Cast 3) Program: Send Email 2
  4. (Cast 4) PProgram: Wait Step 2: Wait 1 minute
  5. (Cast 5) Program: Send Email 3
  6. (Cast 6) Program: Wait Step 3: Wait 1 minute
  7. (Cast 7) Program: Send Email 4
  8. (Cast 😎 Program: Wait Step 4: Wait 1 minute
  9. (Cast 7) Program: Tag as exhausted and paused (and some other administrative stuff).

That worked for a while. But now I have a new engagement program only intending to send emails weekly, with daily casts. I want to set it up similar to above, however instead of just "Wait 1 Minute" in the flow step, I wanted to change that Wait Step program flow as:

  1. Change Cadence to Paused
  2. Wait 5 days
  3. Change Cadence to Normal

I want to make sure that this method will work. Has anyone tried it or doing something similar?

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Re: Engagement Program Wait Step (Pause, Wait X Days, Unpause)

You may want to try a logic like this.

(Cast 1) Program: Send Email 1

(Cast 2) Program: Wait 4 Days - Send Email 2 (Add both Wait Step and Send Email is a single flow)

(Cast 3) Program: Wait 9 Days - Send Email 3

(Cast 4) Program: Wait 14 Days - Send Email 4

(Cast 5) Program: Wait 19 Days - Send Email 5

You can run this on a daily basis. Let me know if this is helpful.

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Re: Engagement Program Wait Step (Pause, Wait X Days, Unpause)

I think this might cause some problems with 'success' or stream changes. In your example, if someone reached a threshold or did some 'success' action and we wanted to stop sending emails and pause them, the remaining emails will likely still go out because the cast has already begun.

Or I'd need some alternate trigger program to remove from all sub-programs which might get complex.

I wasn't able to successfully test my approach, but I implemented it anyway but limited the initial stream members. Leads were successfully paused... just not certain that they will un-pause properly.