Engagement Program Reporting (by Week or by Cast)

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Engagement Program Reporting (by Week or by Cast)

Hey fellow Marketo users,

I'm looking to measure the performance of the engagement program that my company is running. Using the pre-built "Engagement Stream Performance" report I've been able to do some comparisons of open rates and unsubscribe rates compared to the industry. I am looking to see if there is a way to measure the performance of an engagement stream over time, such as by cast, or by week (or even month). Does such a feature exist, or has anyone found a workaround? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Engagement Program Reporting (by Week or by Cast)

You can filter engagement stream reports by date of activity in the set up tab:


I would recommend setting up a report that looks at "last month" or "last week" and then setting up a report subscription, so that you are able to get that data delivered to you after each period. This will work moving forward and is the most efficient way to do it, avoiding the creation of new reports each time - but it won't work if you're trying to look widely retrospective now. To look at past weeks/months, you'll either need to keep changing that date of activity filter to the date ranges you want to look at, then export the data, or, if you want to keep those reports in the system, clone them and set the range for each individual report as desired.

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Re: Engagement Program Reporting (by Week or by Cast)

Marketo still does not have time filters on their program reports. Please go vote on this idea!