Engagement Nurtures: Nesting programs & Smart Campaign Issues

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Engagement Nurtures: Nesting programs & Smart Campaign Issues

I am trying to build a few nurture campaigns that will flow from one to another plus have wait steps within the nurture as the flow is timed to when they entered not just a standard day. The standard way of setting Engagement Nurtures within Stream Cadence only allows me to send on specific days, which is why I want to use programs to manage my leads. My main questions are:

  1. Do steams make sense for this, or should I build everything into the programs and use smart campaigns to set logic as to which nurture they would go to next?
  2. Would I leave the campaigns in or outside the nurture program?
  3. Do I nest the smart campaign in the Stream Cadence? (I have not been able to see all of the smart campaigns in the program though when I do so.)

Example is:

  • Hit threshold, trigger invite to Free Trial Nurture.
  • If they fill out the form for the free trial they get moved into the Free Trial Success Nurture, if they do not they move to a Recycled Nurture. If they only fill out a part of it, they move into the Complete Free Trial Sign-Up Nurture.
  • When in the Free Trial Success Nurture, they would get an email 1/2 way through the trial, conditional on how successful they are with tips based of their action in the system. They would also get another email they day before the trial ended with tips and an invite to subscribe, and then a final email notifying their trial has ended, their results and a CTA to subscribe. (The send is dependent on the entry point and is not specific to day.)
  • If they subscribe they are moved to the First Time Subscriber nurture which has conditional logic based off of their actions in the system (not sure how to do this in a simple stream cadence but can in smart campaign programs). If they do not subscribe they are moved into a Free Trial Fall Out Nurture.

Almost all these nurtures have conditional logic and are timed to the entry points and not a specific day. I want to use programs but am unsure the best practices to set this up, and in a brand new instance I am trying to be OCD protective over it. Advice, suggestions, insight greatly appreciated.