Enabling SFDC Campaign Sync

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Enabling SFDC Campaign Sync

Hi! I'm working on cleaning up my company's Marketo and just noticed they're not using the SFDC campaign sync. I'm a big proponent of it and have always used it in my instance but it has always been enabled before I took over. However, before I enable it, I'm worried about it creating duplicate leads of anything that has already been converted to a contact/opportunity or just any other issues that I may not be thinking of. Our instance is fairly young - there aren't many programs set up but I think there is a slight concern of some leads pushing to SFDC that shouldn't. Prior to joining, they've also rotated between loading leads into Marketo and contacts into SFDC. I've always only loaded leads into Marketo so am also concerned about any issues as a result of that process.

Has anyone enabled the SFDC campaign sync after already having an active Marketo instance? What were the issue(s) you ran into?

Any help or insight is appreciated. Thanks!

Also, apologies if I've missed this discussion in another spot or if I've posted this in the wrong group.

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Re: Enabling SFDC Campaign Sync

Hi Leticia,

Please move your question to Products  where it belongs. Marketing Central for generic Marketing questions.

There is no risk enabling this. And yes indeed, there is a lot of value doing it. Be aware that it might take some time before all the campaigns and campaign member information is sync'ed with Marketo as this can represent a huge volume of data.