Embed Google Map in Token?

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Embed Google Map in Token?

I inherited a Marketo instance that has been using landing page templates with tokens to add text onto the pages that are editable in the "My Tokens" section of the Event. I'm curious if there is a way to embed the iFrame embed code from Google into one of these tokens and have it actually work? Right now if I copy the iFrame coding from Google into the token, It disappears after I save the changes to the token.

I'm a bit new to Marketo and not an HTML expert so I hope I'm explaining this well enough. Thanks!

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Re: Embed Google Map in Token?

Hi Matthew,

What is the type of the token you are trying to pase the iframe code in?

Is it 'Rich Text'?

I tested it on my server, it works fine for me.

Does Marketo give any error message. The error message can be a bit difficult to see in this case. Its a small 'red' text one can miss sometimes.