Email Template & Back End HTML Breaking them

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Email Template & Back End HTML Breaking them


I have been told multiple times to edit in the back end, that it is better and cleaner to edit there minimizes the chances of formatting coming through or so. Yet at the same time doing so disconnects it from the template which means I cannot see which templates perform better. We have to add in UTMs to different pieces like our header which often is not editable in the front end.  The only way I can edit it is to go in the back, but then we loose the 'template', I wanted to track which of our templates are driving better results but cannot do so. Ideas? Or should I just not worry about this level of detail.


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Re: Email Template & Back End HTML Breaking them

Hi Natasha,

This question belongs to the product section, not to the Marketing one. Move it in order to get more answers

There are ways to edit the email content on the editable zones If you want to change a piece of the email that is not editable, you should consider having your template modified so that you can edit what you want without having to fight with the HTML code and break the link with the template.

With email editor v2, there are event better ways to handle UTM's, using variables.