Email send from batch campaign in nurture

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Email send from batch campaign in nurture


I currently have programs setup within my nurture streams that run on a weekly basis. Each program has a batch smart campaign that sends its specific email. I am now wanting to create a similar smart campaign that will send an A/B email based on random sample. I want to setup all the logic for the new smart campaign now, but I don't want it to run when the engagement program is cast.


Is there a way to prevent this from happening? To sum this up, both the new and old smart campaigns have same smart list filters, but I only want the older one to run until I'm ready for the new one. 1) How can I prevent the new one from launching yet 2) When ready, how do I then set it to where the new one will launch and not the old (I don't really want to delete the old one)?

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Re: Email send from batch campaign in nurture

Hi David,

If I understood your issue correctly, why don't you add your new program within the stream after your current program but keep it deactivated (default) until it is ready to launch.

Once you activate the new one you deactivate the old one and keep it in the same spot in the stream if you ever want to revert back.