Email program dashboards - who has clicked?

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Email program dashboards - who has clicked?

Hi there, when looking at the email program dashboards and other dashboards, how do you drill down into the data to see further information? For example, if we send an email and it tells us we've had 5 clicks, how do we find out who those 5 people are? When we click on the graph it just refreshes and doesn't give us any valuable info. I'm pretty sure we're missing something simple! Thanks

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Re: Email program dashboards - who has clicked?

Hi Emma,

I am not sure if I do this the easy way or not, but here is what we implement.

First, in my project I create a folder called "Measure"

In this folder I create 4 or 5 smart campaigns: Bounced - Opened - Delivered - Unsubscribe - Clicked. You can create anything that suites your goals.


The Smart List looks like this:

Trigger: Clicks link in Email (add a constraint to make it a specific link

Filter: Member of Program = True; Program is {{Your Program Name}}

Flow: Change Program Status: Program {{Your Program Name}} New Status: Email Blast > Clicks offer ----- This status is dependent on your channels and tags. You likely have your own set up for email blasts with different naming conventions.



I activate these measures before running the process to send the email. In the results I will see all users who clicked that link.

If you already ran a campaign then you need to run a smart campaign that uses just the filters and no triggers. If you mess up a trigger you can also use the filter method as maintenance to change status.

I hope this works for you.

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Re: Email program dashboards - who has clicked?

Hi Emma,

You've actually got a number of options here -

If you're looking to answer the question "Who are the individuals who clicked on the email" then you can create a smart list to find them

If you're looking to answer the question "How many people clicked on the eail" then you can use an email performance report to see the email statistics

If you're looking to answer the question "What happened to the people who clicked on the link" then you can create a lead performance report that is filtered by the smart list above and adds opportunity columns.

If you're looking to answer the question "What was the impact of the sequence of events I hoped to initiate with the email" you can use a program performance report to help paint a better picture of what's happened (This is significantly improved with RCA).

The main purpose of the email dashboard is to look at the email as the focal point of the report. For this reason it is not concerned with individuals as much as with the aggregated results of the specific email.

You're not missing anything except knowing that each tool in your Marketo toolkit is designed to serve a specific purpose and it's using them all together that makes it really empowering.

Hope this helps


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Re: Email program dashboards - who has clicked?

Hey Emma, I moved your question to a better location for more visibility.