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Email Metrics

Does anyone know how to build a report on historical email engagement metrics?\ We have 4 monthly newsletters differentiated by product, and we would like to build an automated report on Delivered, Sent, Opened, and Unsubscribed. BUT, we also want this report to list each person within those parameters. Not just "Number of Opens".

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Re: Email Metrics

In order to get each person for each of those criteria, I would create smart lists related to finding those people. I don't know of a report that is going to show email metrics and show the people that fit those metrics. You can look at program members where it shows people with their program status and set up your stages to have the above information, but I don't know that this can be a subscription that is sent to you - and it doesn't show every step they took so it wouldn't show those that opened and clicked, would just show them as the current status they were at.