Email metrics by email address

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Email metrics by email address


We're relatively new to Marketo and I'm wondering if it has a feature our old ESP had. We could export and email report that would show all of the email addresses of the people who were sent the email as well as is if they opened, clicked, etc. I would need this for an email within a smart campaign.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Re: Email metrics by email address

Hey Micaela Wright​ - welcome to the wonderful world of Marketo!

There's two particularly important types of out of the box reports in Marketo for emails - the email performance report (which will show the overall rates of deliverability, opens, clicks, etc in an email or series of emails) and the email link report (which will show the number of clicks to each individual link in an email or series of emails).

But these reports will only show you the total numbers for the email, and not how those numbers break down by each individual recipient - for this detail, you'll probably want some smart lists. Depending on what program statuses you've used, you may be able to use these by exporting the "results" table of the smart campaign and using that data, but otherwise, you're going to want individual smart lists for "opened email (email is "XXX")", another for "clicked email (email is "XXX")", etc.

I'd be curious as to the application though - what would you use a person-by-person email performance report for?

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Re: Email metrics by email address

Not sure if you've delved into Program Statuses yet, but the way I've done it as a relative newbie as well is use 5 Triggered Smart Campaigns on:


Clicks (filtering out unsub link)

Bounces Hard/Soft


CTA completions

And when a subscriber takes one of these actions, then I update the Program Status and also add them to a Smart List so that I can quickly reference the appropriate leads. It's a bit more granular than I'm used to as someone coming from another marketing automation platform, but once you get the pattern down it goes quickly and provides a lot of nice flexibility.

As for whether the email is in a Smart Campaign or just a Email Send Program, it doesn't matter with this approach. It'll be the same.