Email list management

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Email list management

We have a master email list that's manually updated. This list is not a smart list. This master list is used for all our email campaigns. The assumption to date is that whether you clone an existing campaign for a new deployment or not, if you're pointing to that master list, the email data will be as current as the last time the master email list was updated. In other words, when you clone a previous campaign, you're NOT also cloing the previous email list. 

However, when I checked a recently cloned email campaign, I was not able to find some updated leads that were added to that master list since the original campaign was cloned. When I go to where the master email list where it's housed under the list section of Marketo, I do find those contacts. This suggests to me that when you do clone a previous campaign, you also clone the email list (if it's not a smart list).

If this is fact the case, then how do you convert a email list to a smart list?



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Re: Email list management

One way to add the static list to a smart list is to add a filter in a new smart list and do member of list, the name of your list with the members.