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Email Invalid


We are currently doing a bit of a database cleanse and with that, I have a few questions but generally looking for some advice.

1. One of the main filters I'm looking at to remove unwanted leads is Email Invalid. After doing some digging, I see that there is the chance of a false positives and a wide variety of errors, but my question is, is there a definitive error where we can confidently delete the lead? One error that may stay true to that is the 550 5.1.1 - Unknown. If anyone could please shed some light on that or provide any other definitive errors for deleting unwanted leads, that would be great.

2. Are there any other fields you would recommend we look at to delete unwanted leads besides test leads, employee email addresses, leads that have done nothing in the last 120 days, rejected/disqualified, or block listed. Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Email Invalid



Along with Email Invalid, you can create a list of leads who have continuously soft bounced in the last 3 months. Email is soft bounced if the lead has a full inbox to they are not active for a long time, these are good reasons to categorize them as unwanted.