Email Delivery Delay

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Email Delivery Delay

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We had an issue earlier this week where all our emails were Sent but all were stuck in pending for 2-3 hours. It was a time-sensitive one (a 10-min reminder to a webinar) and as a result, caused confusion with our leads.


I'm hearing that it's not a technical issue with Marketo, as the emails were 'Sent' and that it's a 'completely server dependent scenario'. I just think it's odd that all ESP's didn't did not accept our emails. Here is a screenshot of what we saw:


To note, it was not an issue with reporting. I ran a smart list to check and saw that all emails were indeed sent but stuck in pending.


Has anyone else had this happen to them? Any insight on what happened here or suggestions to prevent this would be appreciated.


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Re: Email Delivery Delay

Experienced a similar delay recently but didn't drill down on the reasons. Following for insights!