Email: Add a snippet to a loaded html

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Email: Add a snippet to a loaded html


This is probably a trivial question but I can't figure out the answer.  We are sending some global emails to a series of country. Currently we just have one bottom address (US HQ) with related phone number and email address. I was thinking that we could replace the bottom text by a snippet with dynamic content.

I have tried to add a snippet in the email but somehow I can only either have my html or snippet. We are creating email w/o template and loading html from an external .html editor. To use snippet, do I have to have a emailing template and add snippet to it? Can't I add snippet with "non-Marketo" html? In a word on can I have both a one-off html block (with text & visuals) and a shared bottom banner (not used for ALL emails) with dynamic content?

Cécile @ Talend

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Re: Email: Add a snippet to a loaded html

You can use snippets with emails that have the mktEditable markup.  See for details