Editing smart list in activee drip campaign

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Editing smart list in activee drip campaign

Wanted to know what happen if we are editing the active drip campaign(4 drops) smart list, example: we have a smart list filter to send emails for leads created in last 90 days, which qualified 200 names and email 1 is sent to 200. what happens if I edit the smart list after the first drop for lead created in last 7 days (which has 10 leads). would the 200 names still get the second email or the campaigns starts with only 10 names.

Can we edit the active/scheduled drip campaign? dint test yet 🙂



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Re: Editing smart list in activee drip campaign

Filter (batch) campaigns are one and done.  And will always start with your entire DB - until you include additional filters to further narrow the audience (which is what you're doing).  If you change up your filter(s) of the existing smart campaign that has already ran once, it will only affect those 10 leads when ran again against the revised filters (there may be some overlap with those original 200 names).  I highly recommend that you instead clone/edit the original smart campaign vs. editing an already executed one.  Simply for auditing purposes.  Otherwise you may not know why those initial 200 names got the email later down the road.