Drop menu in Form Field - How?

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Drop menu in Form Field - How?

How do I create a form field with a drop menu for people to choose from different options? 
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Re: Drop menu in Form Field - How?

Hi Itai, first you want to add a new field to the form by clicking the giant plus sign in the corner.  Then, specify which field you want to update.

This is how you do it:
  1. Click on your new field to open up the field Properties.
  2. Fill out 'Label'.
  3. Find 'Field Type'.  If your field type in Marketo is Select, it should automatically show up as "Select".  Otherwise, change 'Field Type' to Select.
  4. Find the 'Values' field below. You should see # of values next to the Edit option.  If you want to review them, click Edit
  5. From here, you can:
    • Select a default value
    • Add new values
    • Customize the Display Value vs. the Stored Value
Hope this helps!