Drip campaign - segment flow

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Drip campaign - segment flow

I am looking to create a nurture campaign and looking to control the volume of emails/recipients we send to at a given moment. Does anyone know how to do this in marketo?  I see that i can create the stream cadence but unsure if there is a way to control send volumes or number of contacts that flow through the campaign.

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Re: Drip campaign - segment flow

Jason Kim​ - There's no out of the box functionality to control the volume. However, you could use nested programs and set a smart campaign limit in Admin, so that a campaign is aborted if the impact exceeds certain threshold. Separately, if you can look at the size of database, or the expected impacts (assuming it may have similar impacts for all sends with incremental increases) - we could play with random sample filter where a hit and trial may result in a closed expected number. We can not control the email sends, however, these could be practices where you could change the expected impact,