Re: Do not send emails to dead Leads

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Do not send emails to dead Leads

Hey guys!


I'm trying to get that the Leads in Salesforce marked as dead, in Marketo also be marked automatically so that no email campaign is sent to them.


How do I do this?


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Do not send emails to dead Leads

Hi Maria,

Just wanted to double-check that you followed all of the steps here: Add an Existing Salesforce Field to the Marketo Sync 

If you've encountered any errors following the steps above, please do share. Any additional information you can provide will help us figure out why your fields aren't synced.

Once the fields are properly synced, the lead statuses will match in Marketo and Salesforce. After that, you should have no troubles finding and filtering out "dead" leads.

Hope that helps!