Discontinued Scheduled Batch Campaigns

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Discontinued Scheduled Batch Campaigns

Hello trustworthy Marketo community!

Over the past few weeks I've noticed some of our regularly-scheduled batch campaigns have stopped sending. Because they're not falling into the list of Idle Triggered Campaigns, I haven't found a list of these campaigns that are discontinued. We always have qualified leads for these campaigns. Also, I can go into the campaigns and re-schedule them and everything goes as it should after that. What causes these campaigns to stop running? Is there a way I can prevent this from happening?


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Re: Discontinued Scheduled Batch Campaigns

Hi Rachel,

If you are sure that no one touched them, this is really weird. Log a ticket to support, IMHO.

The upcoming audit trail may help in the future with these types of issues.


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Re: Discontinued Scheduled Batch Campaigns

Sometimes you can schedule campaigns to run for a certain amount of time.  Perhaps you did this and the time is expiring?