Disappearing Analytics Reports

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Disappearing Analytics Reports


I created a number of analytics reports under "Analytics Private". The reports still exist under "History" but cannot be found with a search and are not on the lefthand panel. Any ideas on how to locate / display on the left side?

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Re: Disappearing Analytics Reports

HI Christine,

If you are 100% you saved them , then it's a case for support.


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Re: Disappearing Analytics Reports

Hi Christine,

I just had the same issue. It looks like a bug to me, but I found a work around.

Marketo did not seem to be displaying reports within analytics if they were saved within a folder that was inside of another folder if that parent folder had no reports in it itself. I was able to resolve the issue by saving a dummy report in the parent folder...


  • Parent folder
    • Nested folder
      • Report was saved here <-- and would disappear


  • Parent folder
    • Added a dummy report here
    • Nested folder
      • Report was saved here <-- now it's visible in the navigation again... yay!