Differentiating Organic Traffic

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Differentiating Organic Traffic

Hey Everyone,

Interested in learning about what campaigns people are using to differentiate sources of Organic traffic. GA refers to sources as defined below so I am going to use their terms to outline my question.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 1.51.40 PM.png

I'm interested in differentiating Direct traffic, from organic search from referral. Here is my understanding of these sources:

Direct - being someone typing our website URL into their browser and came directly to our site

Organic Search - search being them typing in our company name into a search engine and are sent to our page (not through an ad)

Referral - someone getting to our site from another website that lists us but does not have UTM paramters present

So here is my question, does anyone differentiate based on these sources? And if so, what campaigns and fields are you using to accomplish this (i'll mark screenshots that people provide as Helpful)?

I know you can access alot of this information using the fields Original Search Engine, Original Search Phrase, Original Referrer, but have never seen that actual campaigns people are running to differentiate between the sources listed above.

Any guidance of thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated!


Keith Nyberg