Device-Responsive Font Sizes For Email

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Device-Responsive Font Sizes For Email

Does anyone know what I need to do to my email templates to make the body text responsive for mobile devices? My emails look great on desktop, but on mobile devices, the body copy is small by default and requires the recipient to zoom in.

Is there any basic code I can copy/paste into an email template that will force the body copy to be desvice responsive?



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Re: Device-Responsive Font Sizes For Email

You should use font sizes as a percent.  Normal text should be set at 100%, This makes sure that it uses the browser's font size. Some people may default theirs larger than a standard 16pt due to vision problems.  Footer text can be 75%, an H1 maybe 150%.  This will always give you the result that's best for you and your viewer.

Here's a good article to review:

Robb Barrett
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Re: Device-Responsive Font Sizes For Email

Our responsive email templates are designed using media queries.  Here's a really good online resource that describes responsive design tips: How to use legible font sizes for all devices