Deleting emails from Nurturing Program

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Deleting emails from Nurturing Program

I have cloned a Nurturing Program and want to either replace the email template or create a new email all together and delete the cloned emails. I cannot seem to figure out either. I have deactivated the stream, it will not let me unapprove as it stats the program is in use even though I have deactivated it. I can remove from the stream but not from the email folder.What am I missing, I have confirmed no members are in the program. I cannot figure out how to switch out the template which would make it easier.

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Re: Deleting emails from Nurturing Program

Did you try these:

  1. Check Your Status Campaigns
  2. Remove from stream first then try to unapprove
  3. click on the email itself and select "used by" and see if it shows you where it is referenced.

my guess is one or two will be the issue.