Data privacy and partitions

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Data privacy and partitions

Hi all,


I have a client who has the following requirements:

  • Different BU can´t access each others data
  • The same customer can be in all BU databases

The client works in finance and for them it´s extremely important that employees from one BU don´t access the data from another BU. So far I thought about splitting the DB in partitions by BU and creating a workspace for each one of those but this won´t work if I want to enable clients to receive communications from the different BUs, right?


Anyone has any idea on how to tackle this issue?


Thanks a lot!

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Re: Data privacy and partitions

Hi @npasero ,


What you're looking to do is possible, it's just a question of how to structure it.


Here are the docs on partitions and workspaces:


In order to separate assets and the database between different business units, you will need different workspaces. The only things that are shared are what you want to share - which can be absolutely nothing if you like.


You will also need partitions to ensure that a person could receive communications from all brands independently. Partitions mean that a person can be duplicated by email address in your instance - for example, a person could exist in both Partition A and Partition B at the same time, independently, and within their profile you will only see activities for the relevant partition. So, for example, if a person unsubscribed using their profile in Partition A, then they could still be subscribed in Partition B. I'm guessing this is the behaviour you are after?


From what you've said I'm guessing one partition per BU and one workspace per BU would work best. I would reach out to Marketo Support to validate this - but the docs should provide most of the info you need in any case. Good luck!

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