Cvent & Marketo Integration

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Cvent & Marketo Integration

Hello - My company is working toward integrating Cvent & Marketo and we're noticing a large disparity in list sizes synced from Marketo to Cvent. A list of 2k contacts in a Marketo list may only sync over 100 or so contacts to Cvent. 

Does anyone else have experience using Marketo to establish the invite list and then syncing that list to Cvent? Or do users shy away from this because of the inconsistency that exists with the API?

Also, when Cvent passes registration/attendance data to Marketo, is it a long lag time for the information to flow over? I find it seems to only sync after I force it to manually. 



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Re: Cvent & Marketo Integration

Hi @mnuding are you syncing a pre-show list?  In my experience the API does take a while...Have you reached out to Cvent support?