Customizing {EC:Date:m/d/y} in an Email Campaign

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Customizing {EC:Date:m/d/y} in an Email Campaign


I have an email I'm setting up which will launch daily - Monday through Thursday to 200 leads per day. In the email copy/body I want to say act by xx/xx/xx to take advantage of this offer. I want xx/xx/xx to be calculated as today's date (the date the email is sent) plus 14 days. So for example if Lead A gets the email today he'd see 5/12/2016 (today's date 4/29/2016+ 14 days).

I found something on the token called {EC:Date:m/d/y}, but not sure if this is what I'd want to use here?


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Re: Customizing {EC:Date:m/d/y} in an Email Campaign

Hi Amy,

Not sure about {EC:Date:m/d/y}.

Most likely, you will have to try a web hook.

You will have to create your own web hook service to add days to a date field.


You can try using this one.

Web Hook Library

I do not think there is a 'date add' functionality in a flow action.


You can get this date addition done in SFDC (if you use SFDC, and have a friendly, responsive SFDC admin).

You will have to add this date field to the Marketo-SFDC sync and have SFDC admin implement logic to increment the date for you.

Hope this helps. Please reach out if I you get stuck.

Rajesh Talele