Custom Fields for an email.

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Custom Fields for an email.

I am trying to send an email to a list given to me by someone in my business as a CSV file.

There are three new fields that have to be shown in the email. I've created new custom fields but now the list fails to import into a Marketo list.

These three fields types are two currency ($ values) and one percentage type.

We also use Salesforce but I don't really want to have this info in Salesforce with the lead.

Is there a particular way to set up custom fields for email that i'm messing up?

Do I have to set up corresponding fields in Salesforce?

Anyone have any suggestions where to go next?

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Re: Custom Fields for an email.

Hi Elena,

You're saying that you've created the custom fields in Marketo?  Are you getting a specific error when you try to import the list?  Are you mapping the list columns to your new custom fields when you import?


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Re: Custom Fields for an email.

Hi Elena,

To add on top of John's answer,

Adding fields to Marketo is correct, you absolutely do not need to add them to SFDC.

At what step of the import process do you get an error ? Are your sure your correctly map the CSV column headers with the fields you just created ?

If the error occurs during import itself, when importing the list, if you do not close the screen during the import you will be able to download an error log.

As you want to import a currencies and percentages, I would not be surprised that the error comes from an incompatible number formatting in your CSV file. make sure that your numbers have no space and no commas.