Cross Domain Tracking

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Cross Domain Tracking

Hi there,

We've set up our Marketo Munckin tracking code across two domains: our company website and our community website.

What we've learned is that with this set up, the same visitor will receive a unique cookie for each domain. That means that there will be 2 journeys for the same visitor tracked on Marketo, and only after a form is submitted on both of the websites will Marketo merge them into one.

Ideally we would expect that after a form submission on one of the websites we can track what that visitor is doing across both of them. In our case most of the conversions happen on our company website, whereas the other website (domain) is purely for supporting the community.

Is there a workaround to this problem?

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Re: Cross Domain Tracking

In fact, there are multiple workarounds to this problem. The most common solution involves using some JavaScript and a Webhook: Re: Associating anonymous and known leads across different domains

Sanford Whiteman​ would definitely be able to further assist and may know about other workarounds as well.