Creating Surveys with Marketo Forms

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Creating Surveys with Marketo Forms

Hi all,

I'm investigating how to create surveys with Marketo forms. I've started to set my own up but have a few questions before I fully commit.

1. First and foremost, I am curious to know if this is a good way to conduct a survey and if people have had success doing it this way.

2. I'd like to to add a likert scale to the from/survey, does anyone know how to create this? Or if it's even possible?

3. I'd like for one question to show up at a time. For instance, question one gets answered and then question two shows up and so on.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Re: Creating Surveys with Marketo Forms

Hi Alison,

  1. Marketo is not that convenient for multi-page chained forms. So if your survey is long, you should rather consider a survey tool
  2. Likert scales can be done using a radio button field, but
  3. You will have to create fields for every single question in your survey and this is not a very good practice. If in the future, you have other surveys, you may end up with a hardly controllable data model.
  4. You can have questions showing up, but either it will take a large number of chained forms and LP's or a very long chain of visibility rules and a form that will look quite awkward

So, IMHO, you should really rather use a survey tool. Whether of not you will have it integrated with Marketo will depend on the strength of the need for this as the vendors charge for this integration. Look into the launchpoint portal to find the ones that are integrated.


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Re: Creating Surveys with Marketo Forms


Did you end up using Marketo forms to create the survey? I am starting on the same thing here and would be interested to hear how your form/survey worked and any tips you have. Thanks!