Creating Product Lists using Salesforce and Marketo

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Creating Product Lists using Salesforce and Marketo

So I am wondering how others are creating up-sell campaigns lists. Here is my problem, we are looking at ways to move our customer existing products to SFDC. I could create closed opps and attach products to them using SFDC Product table. However its my understanding that Marketo can't see the SFDC products table. Maybe I am wrong. So I am thinking either add some custom fields or a custom object to SFDC Sync these to Marketo. Then add these products so sales and marketing team can go after the white space and up-sell. I would like to create campaigns based on product version and I don't want to have to import a list into Marketo each time to do this. So how have others done something similar?



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Re: Creating Product Lists using Salesforce and Marketo

Hi Eric,

You are right, Marketo cannot see the SFDC Opportunity product table and it cannot even be sync'ed as a custom object.

Give a look to this : Marketo / salesforce integration needs a serious overhaul, don't you "sync"? and vote here :

One way to work around this is to use SFDC assets and map them as custom objects.

In the SFDC app exchange, there are some free apps that can automatically convert won oppies into assets and products.