Creating Custom Tokens

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Creating Custom Tokens

I'd like to send an email out to a specific list of people based off of their Global ID's. The email will detail a percentage increase in pricing. The values vary depending on the recipients so I would like to tokenize the part of the message where the value will be included (e.g. "price increase for 2018 is 'x percentage'." How would I go about creating this token? Can I upload the CSV as-is and create the token?

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Re: Creating Custom Tokens

Hi Devon,

In a Marketo email, tokens can have various origins, but need always to be stored in Marketo before they can inserted in an email:

  • System tokens (starting with {{system. ) are defined and set by Marketo. Not adapted to your needs.
  • The same for program info, campaign info and trigger tokens (identified by {{program. and {{campaign and {{trigger, respectively)
  • Non script program tokens are defined at program level (identified by {{my. The value would be the same for all leads in the campaign, so that does not fly for your needs
  • Person or account tokens can only come from lead or account fields. You can define lead fields in the admin and import data in the fields, and use these value under the form of {{lead.Your fiel name}}. That would work here and you could indeed import a CSV into these fields, the run your campaign
  • program script are defined at program level but, since they are generated using a scripting language (call Velocity), you can use them to create computations based on lead or account fields. They would then render a value different for each person in your target, so that is also and option here. They can also used to compute information from custom objects as well.