Creating an interview pad

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Creating an interview pad

I need to figure out a way to capture relevant information on a leads record, which is supplied by the sales person and not the lead.

The scenario is that at an event, a lead will complete a web-form and the sales person will augment their record ("has budget", "is quality") while they are talking.

Does anyone have an ideas or examples of how they achieve a similar thing? I can think of some basic workflows:

A different web-form is created specifically for the sales person, and the sales person enters the leads email address before completing the other items.

An email is sent to the sales person which clicks them through to a specifically created web form that the sales person is able to complete.

But, what I really want is some sort of Velocity type script that will expose the lead objects on a web page, because I want to avoid the awkward exchange of a sales person asking for an email address. 

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Re: Creating an interview pad

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