Creating a Manual Sync to CRM

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Creating a Manual Sync to CRM

Hello Marketo Champions,

Is there an easy way to mine for junk leads (or non-meaningful activities) in order to prevent the sync of these to SFDC? and thereforce creating aq "manual" process in which to sync a lead/contact each time? Basically removing the automation around the sync to CRM.

It is being requested that ALL new inquiries be created as a new "Lead" in SFDC, therefore creating a lot of purposeful duplicates.  I can see many issues with this, but it seems this is the way we are headed so I am really trying to mitigate as much risk as I can with this process.

One option being requested is to ONLY send good leads into SFDC and ONLY leads that do not currently have a lead or where they need force the creation of yet another lead.  This would require a team working in Marketo and researching, then processing the lead for sync, and then working the lead in SFDC. Is there any easy way to set up a manual process such as this?

I am not even quite sure how my campaigns would work properly with this type of set up.  Unless i only sent to those with a record type of Contact.  I also worry about unsubscribes as they will only be syncd with one record, while i am emailing another.  How can i make sure i can stay in compliance with duplicates in the database? Will any of my reporting be accurate? What about RCA, how might that be affected?

Is there another option? Does anybody else have lead qualification set up in Marketo for a team to work? Please help.

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Re: Creating a Manual Sync to CRM

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Re: Creating a Manual Sync to CRM

Hi Carrie,

Vote here:

You will find a workaround in the idea.