Creating a Custom Tab in Marketo

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Creating a Custom Tab in Marketo

Hi - I am creating a custom tab in Marketo and it seems pretty straight forward per the developers website.

here are some of the questions I have:

How flexible is the custom tab in terms of adding/deleting?

If you make a mistake can you fix it easily?

If you add fields and decide you don’t want them – can you delete them? Or is this all permanent and you should really plan ahead of time before setting it up?

I would like to play around with it but am cautious of not being able to undo anything. I am also wondering if I should I do this in sandbox first?

Any information would be helpful.


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Re: Creating a Custom Tab in Marketo

Hey Jen, are you referring to creating a custom tab in the Lead Record? If this is what you're working on, you can always make edits after you have set it up, so there isn't really a way to screw it up.

The only downside to custom layouts is that we're only permitted one custom layout. There are several ideas for this as well as improving custom layouts in the community.