Cost per email

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Cost per email

I am trying to figure out "cost per email" for budgeting purposes. Does anyone know if there is a place in Marketo that has a count of the number of emails sent out in a year? Or even a month would be helpful. I'm looking for individual emails. Also, looking for a place where you can see the total number of email campaigns that you send out per month and year. I can see on the calendar, but I'd have to go into each day to collect. Hoping there is an easier way to get this without taking too much time.

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Re: Cost per email

In the Reporting section, you can make a new report called an Email Performance Report. Then you can go into the "Setup" tab and make sure all possible emails are selected, and change the timeframe to what you want (sounds like all of 2014, for example). Then you can export that report into Excel and play with the numbers. That'll probably be the easiest path to what you're looking for!


Edward Unthank | Founder, Etumos