Correcting event statuses causing inaccurate scoring

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Correcting event statuses causing inaccurate scoring

We recently held a webinar and I imported all the leads (no show and attended) as 'attended' by accident. When I tried to import the people who were registered as 'no show' to overwrite the 'attended' status, I ran into two issues: (1) the statuses remained 'attended' in Salesforce and Marketo, (2) the leads were scored again from the second import. So the no shows gained a score of 20 for attending plus a score of 5 for registering when they should've only received the score of 5. Has anyone figured out a solution?

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Re: Correcting event statuses causing inaccurate scoring

Hi Liarna,

1) the channel setting probably has no show to be an earlier step in the process than attended. This is a design error. You need to go to the admin-tags->channel and edit your webinar channel, then set the attended and no show with the same step number. This will allow you to move attended to no-shows.

2) this is due to the way your scoring smart campaigns are being set. They probably fire twice because the trigger itself fires twice. You need to look at the activity log of these leads that were scored twice and find the smart campaigns that did this, then look into these SC to understand why it did fire twice.

On this specific case, here is the way to correct it:

  • once you have gone through the the 2 corrections above, create a smart list with filter:
    • program member status changed, program is [your webinar] old value is attended, new value is no show.
  • Select all the leads in this smart list, run a "change score" manual flow step, score is [Your lead score], score change is -20


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Re: Correcting event statuses causing inaccurate scoring

From a Program Status ordering perspective, "no-show" and "attended" are at the same level since a lead can only be in one or the other.  And obviously only scored if "attended".