Conversion Report (using lists)

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Conversion Report (using lists)


We don't have a proper analytics solution so I'm trying to figure a way to create the following report in Marketo.

The report needs to show the email performance report with the number of conversion or in this case the number of customers.

We have 2 lists: Trial Users and Customers. How can I use these 2 lists to show, by email, the number of customers that have clicked on a specific link in the emails?

I'm open to suggestions on managing our lists differently to make this easier.



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Re: Conversion Report (using lists)

Hi Sam,

You could have two email performance reports with the smart lists - member of trial users and customers, and define the links you want to track within the emails. To limit the report to "just" your defined links, you can exclude the links you do not want to track

Hope this helps!