Communication Limits

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Communication Limits

We're setting up an engagement program, using programs rather than just an email.  The cadence is set to once per week.  In the flow I'd like to send the email, wait 2 days and send it again if it hasn't been opened (understanding that open metrics aren't perfect).

But our current communication limits are 1 email per week, so I am guessing that the second email won't go with this limit set, unless I set the email to ignore comm limits.  This would enable me to "double send" this email (or an alternative with a different subject from the same program) without opening up any other communications.

Am I right?
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Re: Communication Limits

Hey Mark, that sounds correct. The other thing that it would allow (unless you have a separate smart campaign for the second send) is for the first email to go out, even if a person had already met their communication limits for the week before the initial nurture cast.